Weekend Edition: 5-1

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Bookish Linkage

  • Margaret Atwood speaks on censorship in receiving the American PEN Literary Service Award.
  • Green Apple Books is using its blog to republish from its email newsletter an occasional series of original essays by writers called “Why I Read.”
  • Those wacky Australians. When reports surfaced that a cookbook recipe erroneously told users to add “freshly ground black people,” sales of the book quadrupled.
  • When China MiĆ©ville won the Arthur C. Clarke award, the UK’s most prestigious science fiction prize, this week he did so for the third time — and it’s even a book I’ve read.
  • The LA Times Book Prizes were announced last week. I’d read only the winner of the award for first fiction.
  • The shortlist for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize has been announced. Brodeck is the only one I’ve read that made it from the longlist so, of course, it’s my favorite for the prize, given to fiction by a living author which has been translated into English and published in the UK in the last year.
  • Philip K. Dick’s “Exegesis”, a journal he wrote documenting and analyzing “visions” he experienced in 1974, is scheduled to be released in two volumes, with the first coming next year.

Nonbookish Linkage

It’s a good thing to turn your mind upside down now and then, like an hour-glass, to let the particles run the other way.

Christopher Morley, The Haunted Bookshop

2 comments to Weekend Edition: 5-1

  • Even the most benign bloggers are for the most part incompetent reporters. Even journalist who blog lapse into slovenliness when it comes to treating the facts. It is like asking a high school dissector of frogs to perform brain surgery. The what happens to news in the blogosphere is like the results of that kind of brain surgery.

  • There is just an amazing wealth of choice on this website. But my favorite today is the $60 for the email. My daughter’s best friend just got hired on by a major lawfirm. She has to log on every six minutes (8 hours a day) and record how she has spent her time at work. Money money money….