Loco Lawsuits: I’m the ass, not you

Copyright lawsuits can be difficult and take time. Just ask George Harrison. The lawsuit against him for “subconsciously” plagiarizing the song “He’s So Fine” in writing “My Sweet Lord” dragged on from 1971 to 1998. Some copyright lawsuits don’t take quite so long – and can produce even sadder results.

In 1997, Bob Craft, who […]

South Dakota and the copyright troll industry

South Dakota’s far from the intersection of intellectual property rights and modern technology. But that doesn’t keep it from being involved with national issues on the subject, even if somewhat extraneously.

Last week a leading blog on copyright trolls urged readers to contact Secretary of State Jason Gant. The reason? Seems Crystal Bay Corporation, incorporated […]

FTC to help “the reinvention of journalism”?

No one disputes the impact the digital age has had on journalism, particularly newspapers, so there’s a variety of ideas floating around to keep newspapers alive. The Federal Trade Commission’s staff just released a draft discussion report as a result of the FTC saying last year that it wanted to consider the challenges faced by […]

Collaborative creativity

Lawrence Lessig is a Stanford law professor who has written extensively on copyright and related legal matters in the age of technology. He is putting into practice one of the concepts he promotes in updating one of his works.

In 1999 Lessig published Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. As he believes the book is […]

Google, copyright and technology

Upon reflection, the announcement that Google is going to add books in major libarary collections to its database may not be as encouraging as it seems. The fact full text will be available only for those books old enough to no longer be under copyright shows once again the stuggle between our copyright laws and […]