RIAA strikes in South Dakota

What I believe are the first lawsuits against specific South Dakota residents for sharing music over the internet were filed Monday in federal court in Sioux Falls. They are evidently part of more than 500 lawsuits RIAA filed this week.

How the RIAA picks its defendants is uncertain to me but the two in South […]

Unfortunately, a prime example of what’s wrong

As details continue to emerge about the case of Brandon Mayfield, the Oregon lawyer detained and then released as a “material witness” in the Madrid bombings, it becomes more and more a prime example of the problems with our anti-terror approach.

The New York Times reports: “Court records unsealed Tuesday showed that the Spanish authorities […]

Worth the time

Kos does an extremely thorough analysis in asking Who is Larry Diedrich? As a side note, how much will the uproar over Tim Johnson’s Taliban comment hurt Stephanie when her lead is already narrowing? The circle jerk bloggers and their fellow GOP/right travelers are in ecstasy. (And one even construes Kos’ analysis as a […]

Big lies, little lies and the fools who consume them

Due to real life activity, blogging may be even more sporadic for the near future. But there just seemed a perverse karma here:

BIG LIES: Reuters, The Guardian and the Associated Press report that AP has obtained a videotape that contradicts US claims that our attack last week killing 40+ people was on a safehouse […]

Instilling more faith in our anti-terrorism efforts

Everybody is reading today about the fact Brandon Mayfield, a Portland lawyer, was released after being held for two weeks as a “material witness” (i.e., without charges being filed) in the Madrid bombings. He was held after his fingerprint was allegedly found on a bag of detonators recovered after the bombings. Many of the stories […]