South Dakota makes a Top 10 “fairness” list

Often finding itself low in national rankings on items from teacher salaries to average annual pay, South Dakota made the top ten in a new ranking out this week. It is 10th among all 50 states in “the fairness of its litigation environment.”

Of course, all rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. […]

Two South Dakota eras come to an end

This weekend marked the end of two eras in South Dakota, one in the press and one in music.

Although public knowledge for a while, Terry Woster officially said good bye Sunday with a front page column in the local daily. After 40 years in the news business, Terry took an early retirement package as […]

Al Swearengen ain’t gonna like this

Although taking the name of a real person, Al Swearengen was the aptly named owner of The Gem Saloon on the HBO series Deadwood. Not only was Al never at a loss for obscenities, he had no problem feeding his deceased opponents to Mr. Wu’s pigs. I’d love to hear his response to an article […]

Big boom a big bust

The local media, particularly the daily, have been blathering about and hyping it for weeks. “It” was the plan to use explosives to bring down in one fell swoop a 202-foot concrete feed mill not too far from downtown Sioux Falls. The mill would be removed for commercial development and, in the dreams of city […]