Serenity not soon enough

Serenity now! remains one of my favorite lines from Seinfeld. There is another Serenity, though, that is at the top of my list.

Serenity is the movie resulting from the short-lived TV series Firefly. Now a cult classic, Firefly can best be described as a science fiction western. Yet even that seems a disservice because […]

More catch up notes

The NYT interviews Bruce in conjunction with today’s release of Devils and Dust. (Yes, I bought mine this morning). This is another of those interviews that makes me wonder if the reporter has ever been to a Springsteen concert. If they had, they would know it’s like going to a revival meeting and wouldn’t […]

Book Review: The Atrocity Archives (2004)

Charlie Stross is nominated for a 2005 Hugo Award for best novel. The weekend the nominees were announced I happened to pick up The Atrocity Archives. It must be nothing like his Hugo-nominated novel, Iron Sunrise, which is a sequel to Singularity Sky, a SF space opera which was itself a 2004 Hugo nominee.

The […]

Judicial elections

As you may recall, Amendment A went down in flames in the November election. You may also recall I supported passage of the constitutional amendment, which would have moved us away from electing circuit court judges. This news item, an excerpt of which appeared in the Argus while I was gone, is an example of […]

Periodical observations

Sitting for hours the last two days (with one to go) at what is billed as the country’s second largest single weekend Junior Olympic volleyball national qualifier, I’ve had some time to catch up on my periodicals. A few observations:

This weekend’s New York Times Book Review has an interesting article on the role of […]