Weekend Edition: 7-31

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The guide for the South Dakota Festival of Books I mentioned in this space last week is now available online. The complete schedule is also available at the event’s website. As you will see, most likely tomorrow, the festival is affecting August Bibliolust.

Blog Line of the Week

Jessica Crispin describes her recent […]

Friday Follies 2.25

A man is suing employees of his church, the First Love Church Healing Center, claiming the pastor had them take turns hitting him on his bare buttocks and lower back for looking at an unspecified website the pastor didn’t approve of.

A Moldovan priest is accused of accidental homicide after he allegedly drowned a […]

Book Review: The Scouting Party by David C. Scott and Brendan Murphy

When it comes to Scouting, I’m a washout. Not only didn’t I make it past Cub Scouts, tying my shoes is about as advanced as my knot repertoire gets. Fortunately, David Scott and Brendan Murphy’s The Scouting Party: Pioneering and Preservation, Progressivism and Preparedness in the Making of the Boy Scouts of America doesn’t require […]

First impressions of BBAW

With the first round of voting complete and, hence, the first of my actual participation in Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I was left with several initial impressions. I thought I would offer up a few of them, even if that may not be wisest thing to do knowing there is more voting to be done […]

Weekend Edition: 7-24

Bulletin Board

I got a sneak peek at the official program for the South Dakota Festival of Books. If I wasn’t excited before, I certainly am now. Make sure it is on your calendar — Sept. 24-26 here in Sioux Falls.

Blog Headline of the Week

Century Regional Detention Facility is sentenced to Lindsay Lohan. […]