Saying goodbye to the girls of summer

From a psychological and emotional standpoint, summer is at a close. My oldest daughter left this morning on her 500-mile move to graduate school in Missouri. My youngest daughter starts her last year of high school Monday. And middle daughter leaves Wednesday for her second year of college in Nebraska (although at a different campus […]

Mixed marginalia

Watching the Olympics helped keep me from the “publish” button on a political related post over the weekend but also from a few other things. The relatively lengthy political post now appears simply as one of the items below rather than a full blown rant.

One of the things I missed was that Michael Chabon’s […]

Putting it in my back yard (or at least nearby)

One of the things that intrigued me on our Baltic cruise was the large number of wind turbines, including offshore ones, we saw around Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Now it looks like a wind turbine — or at least a small one — is coming to within about a half mile of my house.


Lawyers on film

The cover story of the latest ABA Journal is the 25 Greatest Legal Movies. I’m not at all surprised at that top two but was very pleasantly surprised that My Cousin Viommy ws third. I never tire of this movie, which contains perhaps the most concise opening statement ever: “Everything that guy just said is […]

Surveying library support

I don’t know if it’s because of the current main library renovations, the fact the city is planning a new branch library on the west side of town or the glut of recent news stories nationally about how library usage picks up during s economic downturns. In any event, I participated in a telephone survey […]

Desert island books

There’s been a slight modification to the blog. For a couple years I’ve had a page of my “to be read” stacks. I decided to remove it because I’m very bad at keeping it up to date and also somewhat embarrassed to see how long some books have been on it. It’s replaced with a […]