Goldarn and fudge you SNL

This week (“Rummaging in the government’s attic”) released a response from the Federal Communications Commission to a Freedom of Information Act request for complaints filed about Saturday Night Live. With a cover letter dated “December 21, 2021,” the FCC provided more than 350 pages of documents, which also covered a request for complaints regarding […]

Mark Twain’s “ghost” written books

During his life, Samuel Clements (“Mark Twain”) became “the greatest humorist this country has produced,” according to the New York Times. It seems Twain still wanted to write after he died in April 1910. He supposedly “ghost” wrote at least three books.

The first book Twain wrote posthumously was appropriately titled Spirits Do Return. Published […]

Weekend Edition: 7-10

This NHL Season’s Best Headline and Story

The Lightning won the Cup, but we all won, because there’s no more Pierre McGuire (“Fifteen fucking years we lived with this piercing horseshit, making every nationally televised game a chore. It’s over. Raise a glass.”)

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Should the Supreme Court have term limits? Scandals of America’s […]

Hoax created best-selling album

November 1969 saw the release of a rock album called The Masked Marauders, so named because contractual obligations precluded identifying the world-famous musicians. Still, the liner notes declared it a “once in a lifetime” and “epoch-making” album. It sold more than 100,00 copies. The opening cut, “I Can’t Get No Nookie,” was reportedly called “clearly […]

Weekend Edition: 7-3

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“The universe may not have had a beginning moment“ “Stationarity” is undermining our infrastructure Browsing vs. scrolling The United Fonts of America

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Finding niche literary subgenres German academics try to use novels to predict the next war The propaganda of World War II comic books (see also this 2015 post)

“Patriotism” […]