Weekend Edition: 10-30

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America’s worst right-wingers Shocking: belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories linked to greater likelihood of contracting the virus Where demons come from “Skull blasting” was a means of creating more relics out of one skull The internet and social media have moved witchcraft online

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What causes the smell of old books? A […]

Loco Lawsuits: I’m the ass, not you

Copyright lawsuits can be difficult and take time. Just ask George Harrison. The lawsuit against him for “subconsciously” plagiarizing the song “He’s So Fine” in writing “My Sweet Lord” dragged on from 1971 to 1998. Some copyright lawsuits don’t take quite so long – and can produce even sadder results.

In 1997, Bob Craft, who […]

Are bagpipes a weapon of war?

To Scots, bagpipes aren’t just a musical instrument. They also have political symbolism. So political, in fact, they’ve been considered a war weapon.

Treating bagpipes as weaponry stems back to the last and most famous of the Jacobite Risings, which sought to restore the House of Stuart to the throne of England. In 1745, Charles […]

Weekend Edition: 10-23

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America is ending (“The fights over masks and vaccinations for Covid-19 is an overwhelming measure of intellectual and moral deterioration of the country.”) The Largest Autocracy on Earth (“The freedom to destroy yourself is one thing. The freedom to destroy democratic society is quite another.”)

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A professor’s […]

World War II almost killed Animal Farm

Find a list of the best 20th-century novels, and you’re likely to find both George Orwell’s 1984 and his Animal Farm. The former, published in 1949, is such a classic of dystopian literature that it’s hit the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists twice in the last four years. Yet his first tale of dictatorships, Animal […]